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Korean Studies

Korean studies is an academic discipline, focusing on the study of Korea. Areas commonly included under this rubric include Korean history, Korean literature, Korean art, Korean music, Korean language, Korean sociology, Korean political science, Korean economics, Korean folklore, and Korean ethnomusicology. It may be compared to other area studies disciplines, such as American studies and Canadian Studies. Korean studies is sometimes included within a broader regional area of focus including: "East Asian studies", "Far East Studies", "Oriental Studies", or "Asian studies."

The term first began to be used in the 1940s, but did not attain widespread currency until South Korea rose to economic prominence in the 1970s. In 1991, the South Korean government established the Korea Foundation to promote Korean studies around the world.

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Matching Korean Studies Colleges

University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Four or more years; Public; $27,230 average out-state tuition; $9,746 average in-state tuition

Korean Studies Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Diversity Fellowship $24,000 January 10, 2017
KSCPP National Essay Contest Up to $500 January 08, 2017
Dr. James M. and Nancy Miller Scholarship Varies February 21, 2017
Helen Ramsey Brown Scholarship Varies February 01, 2017
Loren W. Crabtree Liberal Arts Scholarship Varies March 01, 2017
Ethnic Studies Scholarship - CSU Varies March 01, 2017
Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship Up to $0 February 28, 2017