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Arts Management

Arts Administration is the business end of an arts organization responsible for facilitating the day-to-day operation of the organization and fulfilling its mission. An arts organization includes professional for-profit (e.g., auction houses, art galleries, music presenting companies, etc.) and many smaller professional and nonprofessional 501 (c) not-for-profit, arts related businesses (e.g., theaters, museums, jazz, opera, and ballet organizations). The general duties of an arts administrator can include staff management, marketing, managing budgets, public relations, fundraising, program development and evaluation and board relations.

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Arts Management Scholarships

Name Amount Deadline
Beinecke Scholarship Program $34,000 February 17, 2017
Professional-Development Fellowship in Visual Arts $10,000 November 11, 2016
Naperville Rotary Charities and The Rotary Club of Naperville Scholarship $5,000 November 01, 2016
Music Center Spotlight Award Up to $5,000 October 17, 2016
Rhythm Nations/Janet Jackson Scholarship Up to $5,000 October 31, 2016
YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund $5,000 November 01, 2016
Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship $5,000 December 15, 2016
Lowell L. Richards III Memorial Scholarship $5,000 April 28, 2017
VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship Up to $6,000 November 04, 2016
NEWH Product Design Competition Scholarship $4,000 January 09, 2017